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Do you live in a state of unhappiness, frustration, fear or anger and sometimes not even know why?

Are you in emotional pain? Is your physical health weighing you down?  Is stress, anger, unhappiness, fear, insecurity, isolation, unworthiness, self doubt or hopelessness a part of your daily life?


Do you feel stagnant, defeated, or stuck in your career or personal life? Or are you professionally successful, but still feel something is missing? 


These conditions or feelings are sometimes a result of being unaware of, or disconnected from your True Self, your Atma

Atma is a Sanskrit word for True Self, like your Soul or Essence.

Our True Self, or Atma is perfect just as it is. However, we allow the human condition to direct our lives and consequently live in a state of separation from our true selves.  Instead, we live according to our "false self".  The more we understand our false self and learn how not to identify with it, and instead connect with our Atma, the more we are able to manifest all that the Universe has to offer. 


Let your Atma lead you to your full potential, rather than living blindly.

Only you can change your life, fulfill your dreams, or reach your full potential in mind, body, and spirit.  No one can do it for you.  But what if you were shown a series of pathways or tools to help you?  Pathways that resonate with you?  And what if you had a Life Coach, not to transform you, but to guide you to the answers you seek? The Atma Transformative Method offers man pathways Let one of our Certified Professional Life Coaches help you decide which pathways speak to you

The Atma Method

About cynthia
Authority on physical, mental and spiritual success

Cynthia De La Cruz is a Registered Nurse, Certified Professional Life Coach and Spiritual Guidance Counselor. A recognized authority on mindset reconstruction through her innovative Atma Method, she infuses harmony of body, mind and spirit, and has served as a powerful facilitator of awakening for many on their path of finding success.


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Irene B.

"Cynthia was a key component to my success!  She worked diligently with me on my weight loss journey.  Her knowledge of how the body works, combined with her patience and level of motivation, was the support that I had been lacking to reach my goals.  I highly recommend her to anyone that is contemplating the need for a coach!  She is amazing!"

Carol S.

Cynthia keeps me motivated to stay healthy and exercise during a very busy time in my life.  And all with a sense of humor.  Her excellent coaching skills are diverse and have kept me accountable and on track to achieve my goals." 

Theo A.

"Cynthia helped me transform my life by showing me a pathway that wakened my forgotten potential."

Barbara C.

"Right from the first time Cynthia and I met she was there for me.  She really listened and helped me realize my goals. Together we were able to use my particular circumstances to my benefit.  She challenged me to focus and do my best to successfully achieve what was important to me. She dug deep, found my trigger points and set me on my road to success.  Thanks Cynthia!"