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More ABOUT cynthia

My Journey

My journey to better understand the mind, body and spirit began before I knew what holistic or New Age meant.  As a teenager, I lived with a compelling question, "Who am I, and what is my purpose for being here?"


After much soul searching the answer was finally revealed to me in my mid 20's, after a friend introduced me to a meditation school called The Christ Center, in Dallas, TX.  Here I studied and practiced Kriya Yoga, a form of meditation using Hatha Yoga and pranayama (vital breath) to bring one's awareness of the Divine Consciousness within. I learned that all the major religions have similar rituals and practices, and ultimately teach the same universal message; love holds everything together, while hate destroys it.

My spiritual teacher taught me of: unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude, divine service, being nonjudgmental, and being impersonal, what I call the Six Attributes For Divine Living.  From these teachings grew a deep passion to help others, which led to a nursing career that would span over 20 years.

I started as an ICU nurse and quickly learned how miraculous the human body truly is.  My innate curiosity soon led me to ask, "How can we care for our bodies before they develop such devastating illnesses?"  Soon after, my focus turned to holistic healing, diet and exercise.  

Diet and exercise became my passion.  Triathlon training kept me motivated, and healthy organic foods kept me strong.  But I still craved more knowledge on how to help others seeking a greater understanding of the mind, body or spirit connection... the whole Self.

So my journey has taken me to a new chapter in my life, as a Certified Professional Life-Health and Wellness Coach.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to help people transform their personal and professional lives into what they hope it to be. The Atma Method is a collection of tools and pathways. No one tool or pathway is perfect for everyone.  I help my clients develop an individualistic plan of action to overcome obstacles, welcome challenges, meet goals, manifest their dreams and fuel their passions.


My greatest passion is to help people discover who they TRULY are.  One pathway to discovering your True Self is through meditation.  I developed Atma Meditation to answer a call from friends and clients who wish to stay more focused and move more deeply into their meditation practice.  Atma, is a Sanskrit word for True Self.  Atma Meditation is designed to help the practitioner gain greater awareness of their Atma, their True Self and thus the Divine indwelling.   


Our mission: to bring people closer together in global unity through love, wisdom and respect.

So, stay tuned, it keeps getting better!

With gratitude,

Cynthia de la Cruz  

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi